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CorticoMetrics LLC

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quantitative neuroimaging

to clinical settings

for better patient care


CorticoMetrics is pleased to offer its FDA 510(k)-cleared product, called THINQ™, indicated for clinical use by neurologists, radiologists and neuroradiologists in the post-acquisition quantitative analysis of MRI brain scans.

THINQ™ is AI-based software that automatically segments a T1-weighted MRI brain image, producing a report containing volumetric measurements and visualizations of a number of critical brain structures, and compares these measures to age and gender-matched reference percentile data. The report includes images of the brain with color-coded segmentations, as well as plots showing how measurements compare to reference data. 

Additionally, THINQ™ produces three series of DICOM encapsulated JPEG images containing images of the brain segmentation overlaid in a semi-transparent manner on the input T1-weighted MRI data, one series for each of the sagittal, axial and coronal viewing planes. These images allow for the inspection and visualization of the segmented brain structures in a DICOM viewer.



Clinical decision-making in neuroradiology is often based on qualitative assessment of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of the brain in a number of neurological disorders and conditions, such as epilepsy, dementia, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, and hydrocephalus, affecting millions of people worldwide. This subjective information does not provide adequate diagnostic value, where a neuroradiologist could greatly benefit from computer-based tools that perform automated quantitative analysis of MRI scan data of the brain.


To support better clinical care of patients with these neurological disorders and conditions, the software applications under development by CorticoMetrics aim to improve the accuracy and sensitivity of the information that radiologists have access to for detection or diagnosis. The foundation of CorticoMetrics’ software technology is FreeSurfer, a high-quality open-source suite of automated neuroimaging tools for brain morphometry, developed at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and in use as a research tool by tens of thousands of brain researchers worldwide.

Through collaborations with MGH clinicians, CorticoMetrics is targeting this technology for their specific needs, aiming to increase the accuracy and efficiency of radiologists and neurologists, reducing false negatives and/or increasing examination throughput and improving the overall quality of patient outcome.



CorticoMetrics NIH STTR Phase I & II FCD Grants
CorticoMetrics NIH STTR Phase I & II AutoRegister Grants
CorticoMetrics NIH STTR Phase I & II Morphometrics Grants


FreeSurfer Development

FreeSurfer is born out of The Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital and is the first surface-based neuroimaging analysis tool, revolutionizing the way that researchers can study the human brain in both healthy and disease states.

June 2012
CorticoMetrics Formation

Dr. Bruce Fischl and Mr. Nick Schmansky formed CorticoMetrics LLC with their sights set on bringing quantitative neuroimaging to clinical settings.

AUG 2013
1st Grant Awarded

Awarded Phase I STTR from NIH-NINDS to create and evaluate a software tool to detect focal cortical dysplasias in MRI images allowing easier visual detection by a neuroradiologist.

Award amount $359,391

JUN 2017
Completed NIH CAP

Selected & successfully participated in NIH Commercialization Accelerator Program (CAP)

SEP 2020
FDA 51oK Clearance

CorticoMetrics receives FDA 510K clearance on its clinical neuromorphometry reporting product, called THINQ.



Nick Schmansky

Co-Founder &


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Paul Wighton

Software Engineer & Staff Scientist

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Lee Tirrell

Software Engineer &

Data Scientist

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Bruce Fischl

Co-Founder &

Scientific Advisor

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Karen Roberts

Business Advisor

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