CorticoMetrics announces its Investigational Use Only product, re:THINQ and a distribution partnership with EnvoyAI at RSNA 2017

December 21, 2017

Cambridge, MA: CorticoMetrics LLC, a neuroimaging-focused software company, is pleased to announce an Investigational Use Only product, called re:THINQ, software for research-only THIckness and volume-based Neuroimaging Quantitation. re:THINQ leverages the power of FreeSurfer, a powerful neuroimage post-processing package developed at Massachusetts General Hospital, to produce measures of subcortical structures and cortical thickness in a PDF-format report, as well as easily transportable data files that can be used for further data analyses by end users.


CorticoMetrics is excited to announce a partnership with EnvoyAI, an independent company funded by TeraRecon, commencing the first half of 2018. Through this partnership, the re:THINQ software will be integrated directly into clinical workflows and will be available to TeraRecon customers.


Nick Schmansky, Chief Executive Officer of CorticoMetrics LLC, shared, “The translation of a tool that has been used academically for decades into a tool that can be used by clinicians for patient care is extremely exciting to CorticoMetrics to be a part of. re:THINQ brings those proven algorithms from academia to the clinical research and trial field, and our team feels that this innovation will push the fields of both radiology and neurology forward through the availability of novel quantifiable metrics of human brain structure. Our partnership with EnvoyAI will enable clinical researchers to evaluate re:THINQ without the need for extensive in-house technical resources to implement and maintain a neuroimage analysis platform.”


“EnvoyAI solves a distribution problem in the medical imaging AI space. We help algorithm developers, such as CorticoMetrics, scale up from the validation stage to be able to reach a very large customer base with their products," said Misha Herscu, Chief Executive Officer of EnvoyAI.


“Radiology is entering an era of quantitative image analysis. Imaging biomarkers and objective measurements will increasingly guide radiology diagnostic workflow and patient management. It is very exciting for EnvoyAI to be able to offer a solution that has had decades of validation to provide these type of analyses to radiologists, physicians, and ultimately to the benefit of patients,” said Dr. Steven Rothenberg, Chief Medical Officer of EnvoyAI.


CorticoMetrics recently demonstrated its Investigational Use Only product, re:THINQ, as part of EnvoyAI’s showcase at RSNA 2017 in Chicago, IL (Booth #8149B in the Machine Learning Showcase).



About re:THINQ: re:THINQ generates volume and thickness-based measurements for over 50 human brain structures from T1-weighted MRI data. This includes both gray and white matter volumes for cortical and subcortical structures as well as average cortical gray matter thickness values for all major gyri. Information is delivered to the end-user in a PDF report containing absolute measures, interhemispheric asymmetry measures, and percentile estimates as compared to a healthy normative set of adult human brain data. Visual representations of the cortical surface demonstrate patterns of abnormal cortical thinning or thickening, and graphical representations of subcortical structure volumes depict normative values across the adult age range. The information included in the re:THINQ PDF report can also be exported in CSV format. The foundation of the re:THINQ technology is a robust software suite known as FreeSurfer, which provides automated neuroimaging tools for structural brain morphometry and was developed at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) for research purposes.



About CorticoMetrics ( CorticoMetrics is a neuroimaging-focused company developing software to aid neuroradiologists and clinicians in the detection and staging of neurological disorders. Launched in 2012 to spin out technology developed at the A. A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at the Massachusetts General Hospital, CorticoMetrics is a privately held company composed of a team with extensive scientific, engineering, management and business experience in neuroimaging and computing technology industries. CorticoMetrics is funded by National Institutes of Health (NIH) Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants.



About EnvoyAI ( EnvoyAI provides a developer platform, integrations, and an API interface for algorithm developers, technology partners, and end users. EnvoyAI facilitates the streamlined distribution and hospital implementation of trained machine learning algorithms via a vendor neutral distribution platform. The platform allows users anywhere to access cloud-based algorithms without requiring access to the algorithm code or training data to protect PHI and developer intellectual property. EnvoyAI assists research institutions and emerging AI companies in the translation and commercialization processes, starting with rapid deployment via a scalable, secure, cloud-based infrastructure with the ability to add local components to facilitate on-site deployments as well. EnvoyAI distributes its products both directly and through resellers to make algorithms on the platform available to a very wide footprint of hospitals and, ultimately, to patient bedsides everywhere.



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CorticoMetrics announces its Investigational Use Only product, re:THINQ and a distribution partnership with EnvoyAI at RSNA 2017

December 21, 2017

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