THINQ is FDA 510(k) cleared!

CorticoMetrics is pleased to offer its FDA 510(k)-cleared product, called THINQ™, indicated for clinical use by neurologists, radiologists and neuroradiologists in the post-acquisition quantitative analysis of MRI brain scans.

THINQ is AI-based software that automatically segments a T1-weighted MRI brain image, producing a report containing volumetric measurements and visualizations of a number of critical brain structures, and compares these measures to age and gender-matched reference percentile data. The report includes images of the brain with color-coded segmentations, as well as plots showing how measurements compare to reference data.

Additionally, THINQ produces three series of DICOM encapsulated JPEG images containing images of the brain segmentation overlaid in a semi-transparent manner on the input T1-weighted MRI data, one series for each of the sagittal, axial and coronal viewing planes. These images allow for the inspection and visualization of the segmented brain structures in a DICOM viewer.

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